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Create impressive stop-motion animations with this all-in-one kit. Stop-motion animation is a great team-building activity that encourages problem-solving, collaboration and creativity for kids at all experience levels. Software included.

Grow big ideas with this open-ended, 3D building system. Brackitz building pieces connect at any point and any angle, enabling students to design anything they can imagine. As kids build, they develop design thinking and spatial reasoning skills.

Brown Dog Gadgets are the creators of Bristlebots, Paper Circuits, Solar Bugs and Crazy Circuits. No matter how or what you create, Brown Dog Gadgets products can help you learn the basics of electronics, circuitry, and solar energy.

There's no wrong way to build with Cubelets Robot Blocks. Inspire budding innovators to play, build and become better thinkers with this groundbreaking, magnetic robot construction system. There are thousands of combinations - no coding required.

Teach the basics of computer programming - no screen required! Cubetto is a friendly, wooden robot that teaches the basics of coding through hands-on play. Each block is a command, creating a programming language that kids can touch and manipulate.

  • Cue
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This robot's emotive AI technology engages kids learning to code. As students use Block or JavaScript programming to make Cue talk, text, laugh and navigate its surroundings, they're developing critical problem-solving skills.

  • Dash
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Get started rocking, rolling and coding with this clever robot. Dash can dance, light up, make sounds, respond to voices, navigate objects and more. Beginners and advanced programmers alike will enjoy playing and learning with Dash.

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Meet Edison, a modular robot that immerses kids in STEM concepts. It comes preloaded with functions that are ready to use right away. When students are ready for more of a challenge, they can create their own programs. Use as is or add LEGO bricks.

Inspire kids to produce polished broadcasts, short movies, presentations and more. All the green screen technology a media lab or makerspace could need comes in this powerful kit. Easy-to-use editing software included.

  • K'NEX
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Provide hands-on learning opportunities for all ages and skill levels. Every K'NEX building set is designed to maximize student engagement and STEM knowledge in today's busy makerspace, classroom or learning commons.

Teach electronics and STEAM principles with this intuitive system. LittleBits are color-coded and labeled, and they easily snap together with magnets. All Bits work together, so you can combine pieces from different kits to invent something new.

Bring the fun world of cardboard construction to your makerspace!

These proprietary projects were developed exclusively for Demco Makerspace by Stanford Fellow and founder of Design Case Consulting, Mark Schreiber. These projects make use of some of the most popular makerspace products.

These smart little robots teach higher-level coding concepts and help kids develop logical reasoning skills. Ozobots are preprogrammed to read hand-drawn lines of color, moving along the lines using sensors to read the codes and act.

Teach students to see like designers and think like engineers with comprehensive, project-based curriculum and carefully engineered 3D building blocks. PROJECTS COMING SOON!

Learn, play and explore with the first app-enabled robotic ball. Sphero pairs to your smartphone or tablet, allowing kids to program simple commands. As their coding skills improve, they can move on to more complex instructions.

Squishy Circuits use conductive and insulating play dough to teach the basics of electrical circuits in a fun, hands-on format.

Build any structure with Strawbees reusable connectors and straws. The modification state never ends - just keep adding, updating or removing pieces. Experiment by adding different building materials or maker tools.

This category uses items you likely will already have available in your space.

Get kids fired up about learning with affordable STEM activities. TeacherGeek is a high-level, evidence-based solution that increases students' STEM skills by encouraging innovation and experimentation.